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A life with overwhelming debt is not something for which Merced residents aspire, and yet, due to circumstances often out of their control, many California residents find themselves struggling under a mountain of debt, as well as accompanying creditor harassment. However, with some help from a trusted legal professional, it is possible to resolve these issues and move on with a clean slate. During his long and successful career in bankruptcy law, George Alonso has successfully resolved thousands of cases, and he possesses a thorough understanding of California's legal system.
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Social Security Claims

At The Alonso Law Firm, we provide assistance with social security claims to residents of Merced County, Stanislaus County and Fresno County. With over 32 years of law experience, Attorney George Lesardo Alonso can streamline your social security claims application, explain the process to you so you feel comfortable, and assist in getting your claim approved quickly. Learn about how The Alonso Law Firm can provide social security claims assistance.
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