A life with overwhelming debt is not something for which Merced residents aspire, and yet, due to circumstances often out of their control, many California residents find themselves struggling under a mountain of debt, as well as accompanying creditor harassment. However, with some help from a trusted legal professional, it is possible to resolve these issues and move on with a clean slate.

During his long and successful career in bankruptcy law, George Alonso has successfully resolved thousands of cases, and he possesses a thorough understanding of California’s legal system.

Common Types of Bankruptcy

There is no one approach to bankruptcy that is appropriate for all of George Alonso’s clients. The two most popular types, however, are chapter 7 and chapter 13. In chapter 7 bankruptcy, any assets that can be sold in order to pay off debts are turned over to a trustee, who then uses these assets to pay creditors. After the appropriate assets have been liquidated, most debts are canceled. However, spousal support, child support, student loan debt, and back taxes from the past three years cannot be discharged.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal for those who wish to retain most of their assets. In this type of bankruptcy, debts are reorganized so as to make the process of paying them off a bit more manageable. As with chapter 7, student loan, spousal support, and child support are not exempt. Those over the debt limitations of chapter 13 bankruptcy may, in some cases, be eligible for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Alonso Law Firm: Trusted Bankruptcy Representation

George Alonso understands the stress and anxiety attached to bankruptcy cases — and he desires nothing more than to ease this burden for his clients. His effective approach to bankruptcy law includes patient counsel for those who may fail to understand the intricacies of their current bankruptcy cases. He also offers zealous legal representation, which ultimately allows him to secure favorable resolutions for his clients’ high stakes cases. He is so confident in his ability to come away from each case with a positive outcome, he charges nothing for his services if this end is not achieved.

No matter the nature of your current bankruptcy concerns, you can benefit from a consultation with George Alonso. He will provide the patient guidance and the aggressive representation needed to successfully bring your case to a close.

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