Social Security Claims

At The Alonso Law Firm, we provide assistance with social security claims to residents of Merced County, Stanislaus County and Fresno County. With over 32 years of law experience, Attorney George Lesardo Alonso can streamline your social security claims application, explain the process to you so you feel comfortable, and assist in getting your claim approved quickly. Learn about how The Alonso Law Firm can provide social security claims assistance.

Social Security Claims Attorney

Attorney Alonso will prepare your social security disability claims or assist you in seeking a claims appeal if your initial claim was denied. We often find that social security claims get denied on a technicality or disputed over an alleged onset date of disability. If you believe that your social security claim was unfairly denied, or if you want to get your paperwork done right the first time to limit your stress, The Alonso Law Firm can help. If we cannot get you the disability benefits you deserve, we will not charge you anything.

Since the application paperwork can be confusing, and your claim will be denied if your paperwork is not in order, we do not recommend applying for disability without the guidance of a lawyer. Whether it’s in guiding you on preparing your testimony, collecting medical evidence to support your case, or arguing on your behalf in court, our attorney will work hard to ensure that your claims are heard and you receive the full disability back pay you are owed.

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Let Attorney George Alonso explain the paperwork in plain language, assist you with gathering supporting materials, and represent you at the hearing and beyond. For 32 years, we have assisted clients in getting disability claims processed quickly and in presenting their case in the best possible light.

Why go it alone and risk getting your claim rejected when we can help? The Alonso Law Firm serves clients from Merced County, Stanislaus County and Fresno County and maintains a Merced law office. Bilingual services are provided.

Learn more about how we can help you with a social security claims issue by scheduling a free 60-minute consultation. With a free consultation and no legal bill unless we obtain your claims, you have nothing to lose by asking for our assistance. Call (209) 584-6061 to schedule your new client consultation.

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